The following is a list of the classroom guidance lessons that students will participate in at each grade level (K-6th) during the school year.  Be sure to ask your K-6th child what he/she is learning in classroom guidance.

AUGUST-Counselor Introduction 
SEPTEMBER-Anti-Bullying Initiative & College Go! Week 
OCTOBER-Conflict Resolution (K-5th) & Red Ribbon Week
NOVEMBER-integrity (K-5th)
DECEMBER-Harmony (mindfulness) (K-5th)
January- Caring (kindness)(K-5th)
February- Excellence (Growth Mindset) & Testing Preparation (K-5th)
March-Careers (K-6th) & *Fieldtrip to IU East (*6th Graders Only)
April-Careers (K-6th)  & *Fieldtrip to CMS (*6th Graders Only)
May-Careers Continue (K-6th) & *Graduation Plans (*6th Graders Only) 

*Sixth Grade students will be instructed weekly using the data supported Middle School "Life Skills" Program.  Please refer to the "Life Skills" parent letter being sent home with all sixth graders at the onset of "Life Skills" this school year.  Life Skills instruction takes place from September through March.

Life Skills Parent Letter

Classroom Lessons